Save on your winter bills

Dated: January 9 2021

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January 10th is 💰💰National Cut Your Energy Costs Day⁠

It is so satisfying when we succeed to save on our energy bill! ⁠

We try to follow simple tips for our benefits. ⁠

1. Its winter! Even at home we wear sweaters and socks. Therefore able to lower our heat to 69 degrees. Every degree saves so much $$$ ⁠


2. Make sure your windows are sealed properly, so that no energy withdraws. Some cultures like to have windows open all year round... that does not help our case. It takes more energy to heat up the house or cool it down.⁠

3. Insulate the attic door. Attics normally have no insulation, and directly impact the rest of the house, letting the heat that is rising escape.⁠

4. Shrink-wrap the windows- We have seen this in many of the houses that we show around here... If your windows are not double pan with vacuumed air in between, this would be mimicking that idea, creating double separation from the cold air outside.⁠

5. If you have a wood burning fireplace in your home, whether you use it or not, make sure when not in use you close the damper and prevent a draft.⁠

6. Make use of your ceiling fans even in the winter!⁠

Using ceiling fans in summer can keep you cool. Most ceiling fans also have a switch so you can set the blades to rotate in reverse during the winter. This pushes the warm air near the ceiling down toward the floor to keep you warmer.⁠

7. Change your furnace filters every 3 months. Read your appliance’s manual to find the replacement schedule and type, as well as installation instructions. You can find all manuals online these days.⁠

We hope you save on your next bill, and get to spend that $$ in better places...⁠

Let us know how it goes! ⁠

Call 201-992-1150 if you have any questions of HOW TO...

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January 10th is 💰💰National Cut Your Energy Costs Day⁠It is so satisfying when we succeed to save on our energy bill! ⁠We try to follow simple tips for our benefits. ⁠⁠1. Its winter!

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